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If you were ever warned about "Stranger Danger" when you were a child, then you learned that there are people out there who lure children into compliance with candy to get them to do things they shouldn't do. And you probably had it drilled into your heads as kids because children like candy. But what about people in your own family? Were you ever taught to look out for predators who are your own flesh and blood?

When I begin really battling my combat PTSD, my childhood came back to me with a vengeance, I realized that a lot of the behavior I learned as a child just wasn't normal. The way that I learned to interact with adults, authority figures, and even my peers was entirely foreign to the way that children should be raised. It has caused me a lot of ruined relationships, unnecessary fear, and major paranoia.

This is my very 1 Apple ever grown & pic
I am a Muddy Mess From Being in my Zen S

At some point I when I just wasn't getting the answers I needed, I realized that I needed to design my own therapy. I needed to learn how to give again and receive again in ways that normal children were taught: out of innocence and authentic generosity. That's why I founded FeedMyCity. Sometimes, giving a piece of fruit or a vegetable that you grew yourself can be the most genuine expression of kindness.


I founded Feed My City in 2016 as an Army Combat Medic & Disabled Veteran. Feed My City is a for profit company, & relies upon the selling of produce, products, donations & word of mouth. I encourage people to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs for your local Food Banks. In addition, I ask Local Grocery Stores to give their extra produce to Feed My City in order to deliver it to the Food Banks. If you want to volunteer, click on the envelope icon below and send me a message or donate below.

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